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Sewer line locating service Sewer line locating service Sewer line locating service

  •  Non-intrusive sewer line location

  •  Sewer line cleaning

  •  Sewer line diagnosis

  •  Sewer line repair

  •  Sewer line replacement

  •  Video inspections

  •  Excavation services


Avoid sewer service interruptions

Find the sewer issue and eliminate it

There's no good time to require sewer line location services. It usually means you have a big problem.


When you are in the unfortunate position of needing to find your system's lines, count on Dependable Services to answer your call all day, any day. That's 24/7/365 availability.

24/7 emergency service, no extra charge

FREE estimates in Tri-City area


Routine maintenance calls

10% Senior citizen discount


30-day warranty on ALL small drains


90-day warranty on ALL residential sewer lines cleaned

Video sewer line location from Dependable Services will find your system's blockage and allow diagnosis of a fix. If you have a major clog, call 989-892-3011 today!