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It's time to replace your sewer's back up

If you're tired of spending a fortune always clearing your sewer system of clogs, then it's time you called Dependable Services at 989-892-3011 and let them be your backup!

  •  Floor drains

  •  Hook-ups for sewer, water, washers and dishwashers

  •  Pipe location

  •  Septic system service

  •  Sewer line installation

  •  Sewer line repair

  •  Sewer line replacement

Sewer cleaning and repair services

When a sewer fails, it can mean serious damage to your home, business, or industrial property. It can also spell costly repairs for municipalities and developments.


Routine maintenance on your sewer lines can help you avoid the expense of repairs, replacements, and fixing structural and cosmetic damage. Call 989-892-3011 for details.

Prevent expensive sewer damage

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90-day warranty on ALL sewer line cleanings


30-day warranty on ALL small drains


10% senior citizen discount on regular sewer cleaning service

Sewer Cleaning Prevent Expensive Repars Sewer Cleaning Prevent Expensive Repairs dependable-hero-sewer-line-cleaning Sewer Cleaning