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Pool lines cleaning service Roof vents cleaning service Industrial cleaning service

 •  Root removal

 •  Eaves through lines

 •  Mop basins and laundry lines

 •  Pool lines

 •  Septic and sump pump lines

 •  Sink and bathtub lines


Keep your employees' well-being in mind

  •  Catch basin cleaning

  •  Drain tiles

  •  Drinking fountains

  •  Driveway and yard drains

  •  Floor drains

  •  Plugged stools

  •  Roof vents

Sewer cleaning and repair services

Dependable Services can handle all of your industrial cleanups. Recognized by the appropriate bodies, they have been keeping the Bay area clean since 1977!


•  Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response

    Standard (HAZWOPER) compliant

•  Certified confined space entry and equipment operation

Building confidence through quality

FREE estimates on ALL industrial cleaning


Let Dependable Services conduct all of your industrial cleanup operations and protect the people you rely on most. Call 989-892-3011 today and put employee safety first!