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Hydro excavating service

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pipe rehabilitation


It's time to replace your sewer's back up

  •  Locate utility lines

  •  Pipeline crossing

  •  Pole setting

  •  Sewer and pipe rehabilitation

  •  Slot trenching

  •  Utility exposure

  •  Water main breaks

Safer daylighting services

When you need to lay down some lines of your own or you need to lay some pipe, first get to know what's down below.


Hydro excavating is a safer, more accurate method of daylighting, to ensure unwanted delays and expenses don't put the brakes on your big project.

Avoid existing utility lines

FREE estimates on hydro excavating


Hydro excavating is a non-disruptive means to excavate holes where other means are not an option. If you need a hole dug, anywhere or anytime, call 989-892-3011 to schedule service.

Hydro Excavating and Daylighing 2 Hydro Excavating and Daylighting